The Administration Division provides the General Management and Administration of the Agency and includes staff support for the Executive Board. The primary mission of the Executive Director’s Office is to carry out in an efficient and effective manner those programs and policies established by the Executive Board. The Executive Director is designated by the Executive Board as the chief administrative and executive officer for the agency. The Executive Director’s Office develops and maintains overall agency guidelines necessary for the appropriate administration of the agency’s fiscal and personnel resources. The Executive Director’s Office also provides direct program management on behalf of selected programs and activities. Service activities generated from these programs include general management, technical assistance, review of personnel and communications, and technology.

The Administration’s Vision is to:

Provide a forum to member governments that will allow them to collectively attain more power.

The Administration’s Mission is to:

Effectively administer the programs and policies established by the Executive Board.

Administration provides the following services:

  Administration of general operation of the organization.

Support to operations of the Board of Directors.

  Program direction for all RGCOG functional areas.

  Ongoing liaison to local, state and federal agencies on general activities.

  Identification of new program areas for the benefit of membership.

  Regular reports to Board of Directors and membership on issues and their implications to RGCOG region.

  Staff assistance to policy committee of the Board of Directors.

  Development and conduct of special training activities.

  Personnel administration, records management and reporting.

  Membership services and technical assistance.

  Special project development.






Executive Director

Annette Gutierrez



MIS & Resources Director

Rebecca Stauffer



Executive Administrative Assistant

Stella Rodriguez




Leticia Barron







The functions of the Finance Division includes: purchasing, insurance, accounting, retirement system, budgeting and financial control, grant fiscal reporting, subcontractor monitoring, record retention maintenance, office space, fixed assets schedules, mail, office supply control, and administration of the copy center.

RGCOG Annual Audit Report for FYE 09/30/12

RGCOG Annual Audit Report for FYE 09/30/15

RGCOG Annual Audit Report for FYE 09/30/16

RGCOG Annual Audit Report for FYE 09/30/17

RGCOG Annual Audit Report for FYE 09/30/18


 Finance’s Vision is to:

Provide a financially viable agency.

Finance's Mission is to:

Develop and maintain financial standard operating procedures that allow all divisions to effectively carry out their grant management duties.

Finance provides the following services:

  Financial accountability to Board of Directors, membership, state and federal agencies.

  Development of Annual Budget.

  Completion of Annual Independent Audit.

  Management and control of all organization fixed assets and expendable equipment.

  Supervision of all support services.

  Provision of timely financial reporting to funding agencies, management and Board of Directors.

  Analysis of financial trends and opportunities.

  Management of employee benefits.

  Maintain financial integrity of the organization and all fiscal related activities.

  Ensure adherence to all federal/state fiscal policies, rules and regulations.

  Maintain an adequate system of internal controls in order to safeguard the assets of the organization.

  Development of Cost Allocation Plan.






Finance Director

Judy Cisneros



Accounting Supervisor

Belen Olivas



Accountant Manager

Evelyn Anguiano



Accounting Technician IV

Karina Atilano



Accounting Technician II Stephanie Juarez 915-533-0998 118









The following are the programs and activities currently in operation through the Administration/Finance Division.

   Agency Administration

The RGCOG provides overall program supervision and financial accountability for all internal operations.  Each individual program activity has both program and financial requirements which may or may not be the same as other programs.  The RGCOG is responsible for meeting each set of requirements to the satisfaction of the funding agencies.

   Support to the RGCOG Membership

As a service organization, the RGCOG, provides both general and specific assistance to the membership in addressing local problems and opportunities.  The Administrative Division provides a consistent framework for the development and conduct of these activities.

   Internal Personnel

The RGCOG provides internal support for the personnel process.  The Administration Division supervises and coordinates all personnel actions including recruitment, selection, training, compensation, benefits and disciplinary actions.

  RGCOG Information Outlets

The Administrative Division is responsible for the coordination of all external information dissemination.

  Special Projects

The Administrative Division provides staff support and coordination for special projects requested by the membership.

  Agency Support

The Administrative Division is responsible for the oversight and management of all commonly enjoyed support services.  These include office space management, central telephone, copying and reproduction, conference facility use and other support services accessed by individual programs.